Beth Ann Day

Chief Talent Officer,


Empowered Women, Empower Women: That’s a sign in my office given to me by my firm’s amazing women leaders. Every day I see it and think: YES, let’s do it!!

Beth Ann Day is best known for managing emerging talent in investment research, as well as her passionate leadership of women’s initiatives. She is currently the Global Chief Talent Officer and Associate Director of Research of Bernstein, a finance firm famous for its investment research. She has been in Wall Street research management for over 25 years, and at Bernstein oversees her firm’s talent acquisition and development strategies including leadership of a decade-long global expansion in Asia. Beth Ann is energized by building high-performing diverse and global teams. She was a founding member and leader of Synergy, AB’s employee resource group dedicated to women’s empowerment, and currently co-leads AB’s global Women’s Leadership Council. Before Wall Street Beth Ann spent time in academia, teaching writing and literature at the University of Oregon and Stanford.

In her free time, Beth Ann supports the arts and human rights organizations and works to get women elected to political office.

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