Helen Aboah

CEO, Urban Zen

The success of women will require a conscious effort from everyone, especially during these extraordinary times.

Helen Aboah is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Urban Zen, a design vision and philosophy company founded by fashion icon Donna Karan. Urban Zen defines the space where creativity, culture, and collaboration converge with retail, technology, wellness, and social impact.

Helen’s cross-industry career spans fashion, hospitality, health and wellness, and entertainment, with a deep foundation in the global luxury goods market across wholesale and retail (digital and physical channels). She has worked side by side with iconic fashion designers to commercialize their creative vision through a sound strategic, capital-efficient operation, and winning culture, while serving as a driving force for digital innovation to differentiate the brand and accelerate growth. Previously, Helen was a member of the executive team at the global luxury brand LVMH/Donna Karan International and Alexander Wang, where she led global merchandising and supply chain.

Helen lives in New York City with her husband and three daughters.

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