Karen Ballou

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Immunocologie Skin Health Skincare; Founder and Senior Partner,

Lucas Brand Equity

When we believe in others, we accompany them on the path to success. LB Equity and Immunocologie are excited to empower and support female leadership and positive advancement in 2022 and into the future.

Karen Ballou, is Founder and CEO of Immunocologie and a partner at Lucas Brand Equity, an equity firm that acquires beauty brands. A beauty industry leader, entrepreneur and master esthetician, Karen founded Immunocologie after battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Immunocologie is an innovative, fully natural skin health, skin care company, which strengthens the skin’s microbiome and immuno-skin protection system through mineral and vitamin science. Karen sources ingredients for Immunocologie around the world and works to empower women by creating jobs within their communities. This allows her to create products that are sustainable, efficacious, distinct and result oriented.

As a founding partner at LB Equity, an investment firm building emerging brands in the wellness, beauty and personal care space, Karen and LB Equity are committed to building ‘brands with a mission.’

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