Melissa Wills

Vice President, Finance Administration,


Our successes don’t happen by themselves. They reflect the collaboration, hard work, ingenuity and support of those around us.

When Melissa Wills began her career with PPG at the company’s Shared Financial Services Center in Ohio in 1989, there were few women to mentor her or serve as role models. While that has changed through the years, Melissa’s early career experiences gave her added confidence to chart her own path. With an eye to the future, she soon created opportunities for herself and her colleagues in PPG’s Automotive Coatings and Refinish businesses, and across strategic planning, audit services, business transformation and other key functions. Today, as Vice President of Finance Administration at PPG, Melissa oversees financial administration for PPG’s America’s, Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa regions, global Financial Planning and Analysis and global Finance Optimization. She is the first person to hold this critically strategic position at PPG - a testament to her financial and management expertise, and her continued willingness to pursue and embrace new opportunities.

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