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When a woman has access to opportunities that can change her life for the better, she becomes powerful beyond measure. By giving just one hour of your pay, you give a Dress for Success woman access to programs, services, and tools that will help her achieve economic advancement.

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Empowered women power the world

When you help empower a woman, you help her family, community, and the global economy.

Decades of Economic Progress for Women are Unraveling

The COVID-19 pandemic has set gender equality back an additional 36 years. Dress for Success is on the frontlines of getting women back to work and financially stable in the wake of this economic crisis.


Globally, women perform 76.2% of total hours of unpaid care work, more than 3X as much as men.1


By the end of the second quarter of 2020, there were nearly 2X as many women as men outside the labor market.2


Nearly 70% of women who experienced negative shifts in their routine as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic believe their career progression will slow down.3

According to our affiliates

According to our affiliates


report clients have been laid off/terminated


report clients are facing financial hardship


report clients face food insecurity due to job loss


report clients’ housing is at risk due to job loss

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